Economic Ideas Festival 2015

The maiden edition of the Economic Ideas Festival (EIF) is set to take place from 5 – 7 August, 2015 in Accra, the capital of Ghana. Economic Ideas Festival is the annual global conference of the Young Professional Economists Network (YPEN) – The conference is set to attract delegates aged between 18-35 years from over 30 countries across Africa and other parts of the world. The Young Professional Economists Network (YPEN) is a non-profit and an independent organization established to coordinate and train young professional economists across the world while helping them to build a new economic paradigm which is relevant to the 21st century and beyond.

The network has chapters in thirteen (13) countries across the world. At YPEN, our aim is to bring to the limelight the fundamental, but yet overlooked hard questions of economic inquiry, with the hope of sparking new and constructive ideas to tackle and address the many economic problems of today. In view of this,

we seek to bring together, young economic intellectuals across the world who embrace new economic thinking. Economic development around the world is more complicated than it is simply seen.

The main underlying trigger of this phenomena is the fact that, all through these years, different forms of economic policies and programmes have been adopted and implemented. With most of these policies and programmes having ended their tenures in the past years and some still being run, the glaring but often dodged question is ” are we getting the desired results?” Economic Ideas Festival is to help build the next generation of innovative thinkers to fulfill the dream of a transformed Africa.

The model of the EIF is structured to bring together new minds to interrogate economic growth, debate, as well as discuss how it could lead to economic transformation and reduction in poverty across Africa. EIF is focused on RE- THINKING and RE-EXAMINATION of existing practices, and RE-ESTABLISHMENT of new ideas that will cause Africa continue to rise and transform itself. Attending the conference is free yet delegates are responsible for their own accommodation and flights cost. To attend EIF 2015, register as a delegate online for free via