Vodafone, Tigo and Airtel: Best Telecoms Using Social Media to Serve Customers in Ghana

I started using a SIM card in 2005 and any time I had an issue with the network, I will walk to their office and often times join a long queue in order to be attended to. It was hectic and tiresome to walk such a distance from my house to the office and spend not less than 30 minutes so I can have my network problem resolved. Internet penetration and data consumption was very low in 2005, cost of data was a bit expensive and irked customers from using it. Also, smartphones were very expensive to buy as compared to the recent influx of chinese cheap smartphones.

After a decade, 19.6% of the population have access to internet according to the Internet World Statistics. Many telecoms have leveraged on the high internet penetration in Ghana to provide a virtual customer care to it customers while others have not. One of the most actively used social media platforms by telecoms in Ghana is Twitter, almost all the telecoms in Ghana have Twitter accounts except Expresso (@ExpressoGhana) and Glo Ghana (@GloWorldGhana).

Vodafone Ghana (@VodafoneGhana) and Tigo Ghana (@TigoGhana) have separate and dedicated Twitter accounts – (@AskVodafoneGh) and (@AskTigoGh), that serve customers’ complaints. This is how it works: let’s say, I am experiencing difficulty in making a call, I will tweet to the dedicated Twitter handle of the telecom with the issue and within a maximum of 10 minutes, you will get a response that your network problem has been resolved after given them all the necessary information they will ask of. Below is an example from Airtel Ghana (@AirtelGhana) interacting with it customer:

In fact, the telecoms respond faster to resolving complaints sent through their social media platforms than when a customer calls the help line. Why? If a customer complains on Twitter and does not receive any help, the telecom in question is likely to receive a bad online reputation which will cause existing customers to easily switch to another telecom, because it confirms that telecom does not care about it customers.

As a result, Vodafone Ghana, Tigo Ghana and Airtel Ghana have dedicated and skilled social media employees who are consistently monitoring and engaging with customers online.

Tigo is the first ever telecom in Ghana to use Skype (video chat platform) and whatsapp platforms to serve the needs of their customers.

According to Mr. Stephen Essien, Customer Care Director of Tigo Ghana, he said at the recent Barcamp Accra event that, “Tigo is the first ever telecom in Ghana to use Skype (video chat platform) and whatsapp platforms to serve the needs of their customers.”