Nomination Open for African Achievers Awards 2015

The African Achievers Awards board is pleased to announce the commencement of the nomination for the 2015 awards which is slated for the 25th of July 2015 at the prestigious ”Santon Convention Centre”, Johannesburg, South Africa.
The African Achievers Awards is aimed at recognizing excellent individuals and organizations that have distinguished themselves while contributing to the growth and development of Africa. The focus is to motivate all African leaders, including prospective leaders and the youth by recognizing individuals and organizations that have contributed remarkably to the development of Africa.
The Africa Achievers Awards is segmented into the following categories:
  • Africa Achievers Awards for Agriculture Excellence
  • Africa Achievers Awards for Life Time Awards
  • Africa Achievers Awards Recognition Award
  • African Entertainment Entrepreneur
  • African Industralist of the Year
  • African Woman of the Year
  • African Young Achiever
  • African Best Airline
  • Award for Business Innovation
  • Award for Creativity and Enterprise
  • Award for Creativity and Global Excellence
  • Award for Excellence in Good Governance
  • Organisation of the Year
  • Producer Best Content TV Programme
  • Sport Man of the Year
  • Organisation Making a Difference in Africa
  • Humanitarian Awards
  • Grassroots Transformation in Africa
  • Excellence in Public Office
  • Charity Organisation of the Year
  • Best Telecommunication Company Africa
  • Best African Content TV Programme
  • Award for Women Empowerment
  • Award for Youth Empowerment
  • Award for Peace Keeping
  • Award for Quality Education
  • Award for Excellence in Literature
  • Award for Excellence in Leadership
The First African Achievers Awards was presented to Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu in recognition for his fight for Human Right, Justice and Peace during his 80th Birthday celebration Hosted by Kings College, London. This event was held in October 2011. In 2012, the African Achievers Annual award was hosted by King’s College London.

African Achievers Awardee, 2014

The 2013 edition of African Achievers Awards held in Hilton Hotels, Nairobi, Kenya in February 2013, with the theme, ‘THE FUTURE IS AFRICA. On March 13th 2015, the African Achievers Awards held their Annual Summit and Honours at Porticullis House, The house of Parliament, Westminster London. The focus of the summit was Investment in Africa, as a means to sustainable development in Africa. The summit brought together notable and respected Africans and some Britons who came together to discuss this all-important subject.
African Achievers Awards 2014

African Achievers Awards 2014

We look forward to the 2015 Awards in South Africa with great expectation; we hope the platform will be used to re-unite all African as brother and Sisters and to set a common agenda for the total eradication of extreme poverty in Africa.  – Rex Idaminabo, Principal Partner of the Achievers Awards. 
To have a more diverse team in the advisory board to oversee the structure of the 2015 awards, African Achievers Awards has appointed Sabine Balve to the Advisory Board of the Awards. Sabine Balve is the Founder and President of World Leaders Forum Dubai (WLFDubai) – an independent international Community of more than 100,000 committed to providing sustainable humanitarian future for all inhabitants of the World.
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