4 Leadership Skills Every Young African Entrepreneur Needs

The African continent has emerged by many investors and business leaders as the place to do business. However, to succeed, it will take strong leadership to grow a global business in Africa. Leadership is essential in fueling business growth in this continent. At the recent CEOs Business Forum held in Ghana for the first time in Africa, “how to raise young business leaders in Africa” was one of the main themes discussed at the event. CEOs Business Forum is a global gathering of young entrepreneurs and business leaders from across the world to listen to expert thoughts on how to grow businesses, interact and network to find partners to do business with.

Dr. Linus Okorie, a profound speaker on leadership, President and founder of Guardians of the Nation International, pointed out the following four key leadership skills that every business leader should possess in order to grow a business in Africa. “Knowledge, Attitude, Skills and Habit are the new currency for businesses to grow in Africa” he said.


A leader must possess knowledge, he said. Dr. Linus, was quick to add, “we live in the era of the knowledge economy and business leaders cannot risk to consistently learn and add to what they already know. There is a need to build a learning system in every business and to have a visionary advisory board. What we need now is knowledge and how to apply it in solving the challenges we face in Africa. African solutions to African problems.”

He said, “Have a listening ear and consult your followers to understand the business from their perspectives”, said Dr. Linux. To latch on the knowledge economy as a business leader in Africa, he reiterates, “business leaders should ask more questions, meet with experts and ask questions and learn to listen while they talk. Young entrepreneurs need to learn from the people they work with and the people the product is intended for”


Every business leader growing a business or looking forward to start a business should have an attitude of value. To grow your business in Africa, be firm to take the right steps and not take corrupt actions to succeed. Have an attitude that is backed by impregnable values of transparency, accountability and fairness. “Respect values in your business. Build your business on integrity. Leaders should be able to identify people with value and employ” he said. Build a peer review mechanism. Networks are essential for business to grow and we have to cut down the impediment so that others can rise from our shoulders.


Develop yourself by getting interacting with people who are experts in the field of your interest. One of the easiest ways is to volunteer to learn and gain mastery over that skill. Your skills become so important at the level of self-mastery.


Business leaders need to learn the act of not going beyond their attitudinal limit. Leaders need to learn to develop good business habits for the growth of their business. Have a deep understand of your business and what your customers want. Be patient with the growth of the business and do not rush processes.

Starting a business in Africa has shifted from corrupt practices to more business done based on ethics and integrity. Investors looking forward to invest or start a business in Africa need to embrace this new revolution happening in the continent.